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TRAMO Ghana, formally known as Trash Management and Recycling Organization (TRAMO), traces its roots back to the vision of Williams Anarfi-Sarpong. During his undergraduate studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), he was driven by a passion for a cleaner environment in and around the KNUST campus. As a registered campus group, TRAMO quickly became a household name by conducting public awareness programs on proper waste disposal methods, with a strong emphasis on waste recycling. The group also contributed by providing litter bins at strategic locations on campus. This dedication earned its founder the prestigious nationwide Innovator of the Year award at the KNUST NUGS – Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award in 2013.

In 2012, TRAMO underwent a transformation when it was officially registered as a limited liability company under the Ghana Company Act (Act 917). The company is 100% Ghanaian-owned and currently operates from both its Accra and Ashanti Regional offices. The organization’s vision is centered on the transformation of Africa’s waste management system. TRAMO collaborates with local and international organizations that share an interest in waste recycling, public policy analysis, sanitation research, and provides both technical and financial investments to realize Ghana’s sanitation ambitions.

Our Vision

At TRAMO, we envision being the leading Waste Management Organization that promotes global environmental responsibility and fosters effective approaches to combat environmental pollution through responsible waste management practices.

Mission Statement

TRAMO is on a mission to conduct well-targeted public awareness campaigns on proper sanitation. We aim to organize educational outreach programs and advocate for more effective waste management approaches in Ghana. Our platform encourages discussions on reducing waste production through reuse, sustainable recycling, and product stewardship.

Core Values

TRAMO is guided by the core values of Discipline, Innovation, Precision, and Teamwork.

Current Business Position

TRAMO is well-positioned to invest in and derive value from both solid and liquid waste through our flagship biogas processing units. In the past, the company engaged in waste collection from households, hotels, and private companies, with a strong focus on recycling waste to provide environmentally friendly and cost-effective resources for households, businesses, and educational institutions. Over the past two years, TRAMO has led the industry in converting Ghana’s plastic waste into Plastic Pavement and Roofing Sheets.

TRAMO now considers the Biogas Plant as its next significant step in the sanitation business. While the portable biogas system has gained traction among businesses and hotels in and around Kumasi, the company envisions the development of larger digesters (1380 cubic meters in size) for use in districts, educational institutions, and even more portable digesters. This project provides a competitive advantage due to the wide utility of its end-products, which includes liquid fertilizer, clean water, and biogas for cooking and generating electricity.

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Design of the TRAMO Biogas Digester

The proposed biogas digester comes in two sizes, 260m3 and 1380m3, tailored for senior high schools and universities. It has been designed for easy assembly with a focus on aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety. The system includes a membrane digester with a gas storage bag, stainless steel components, and a comprehensive biogas fermentation process. This innovative design is an adaptation of the Shenzhen Puxin Science and Technology Company Limited in China, known for its incorporation of the best features from conventional digester designs.

In terms of output and performance, the 1380m3 unit digester is capable of digesting various organic waste materials and can produce biogas, organic liquid fertilizer, and electricity. Similarly, the 260m3 digester processes food waste, manure, and other organic materials to generate biogas and electricity. These biogas digesters are part of TRAMO’s commitment to sustainable waste management and environmental responsibility. Pioneering Innovations


TRAMO Ghana Waste Management

TRAMO Ghana stands as the first Waste Management Company to venture into the production of plastic waste roofing tiles in Ghana and the second West African country. These innovative roofing tiles and pavement blocks offer several unique features, presenting high value to potential users

  • Reduced weight: Ensuring lower transport costs.
  • Fewer breakages: Less than 1% breakage rate, compared to conventional products which can have up to 10% breakages.
  • Greater impact resistance: Attributed to the plastic element of the product.
  • Non-porous: Eliminating the risk of water absorption and fungus growth
  • Hailstone Proof
  • Fire Resistant
  • Fully recyclable after use

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